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Timetabling Healthcheck

The timetabling healthcheck has evolved as timetabling good practice has been defined by a strong community of practice that I facilitate.  It enables a university to benchmark their performance against peer universities and gives the university a three year plan to move to good practice.

Universities have been able to work their physical Estate harder than previously and thus avoid capital expenditure.

PGT Portfolio Review

I facilitated academic departments to review their PGT offering.  I prepared the workshop by researching and benchmarking peer university provision to enable me to stimulate debate as a neutral observer.  I used the business canvas model to get academics to think first about the customer they were seeking to attract before thinking about the content they wanted to deliver.

The university PGT portfolio benefited from switching focus from what the university could offer to where the potential market lay.

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Admissions Review

This project was scoped to single out the non-academic criteria selections that a medical school and an art school used.  Workshops were prepared by research of what peer universities were doing and then through facilitation a prioritised requirements list was drawn up for the two schools to take forward.


The outcomes differed by school - one had the potential to streamline resource whereas the other needed to process applications quicker in order to reduce applicant withdrawals.